KUECHLER Transport Equipment – everything safely stored! We can offer special containers for delicate equipment and other important items.

Security container:
Ensures that sensitive files are not accessible to anyone during a workplace removal. Those lockable rolling filing cabinets offer room for four linear metres of files. Of course we can put the containers at your disposal a couple of days before the actual removal for you to load.
File carts:
The easiest way of transporting files from A to B. Same arrangement as in security container, effortless loading, speedy to move. File carts easily fit in all interior elevators and allow access to the files until the very last minute. They offer room for five linear metres of filing.
IT-transport boxes:
The best way of transporting EDP equipment: complete units (monitor, computer, printer, scanner) can be transported to their new location safely and without any problems. For the transport of attachments such as keyboards, mouse devices and cables, we can provide EDP accessory bags.
Grid carts:
Another possibility of transporting files. They can be locked and offer room for about five linear meters of files and documents.
Roll containers for storage equipment:
Those rolling containers are particularly well-suited for the transport of stocked products and larger, bulky goods. They can also be locked if needed.