Strong partnerships are the basis for giving you professional guidance concerning your worldwide removal.

Thanks to our international partnerships and associated we are able to offer the same high quality standard anywhere in the world.
The Bundesverband Möbelspedition und Logistik (AMÖ) e. V. (German Federal Association of Movers and Logistics) represents the interests of the German removal companies on all levels as an umbrella organization. About 1.000 removal companies are affiliated to the AMÖ in one of its 19 regional associations.
Among its members are removal companies, new furniture carriers, art forwarders and carriers specialized in EDP systems and medical equipment.
Every certified AMÖ partner acts according to ten definite quality regulations (see certificate). AMÖ is known throughout Germany and is identified by its kangaroo logo since decades.
The confern Möbeltransportbetriebe GmbH is one of the leading removal service providers in Germany. More than 60 partners are affiliated to this network, the heart is the coordination centre in Mannheim for moves all over Germany. The coordination of all removal activities in Germany that are conducted by its partner companies has the highest priority. This way shared capacities can be used in a better and more efficient way.
One requirement to achieve this is certified quality management according to DIN EN ISO (see 'Certifications').
As a partner of EUROVAN, a network of leading European removal companies, we can profit from the advantages of the Europe-wide coordination of removals thanks to the planning by the EUROVAN centre which is also located in Mannheim. The synergetic effects of the cooperation with EUROVAN and confern are beneficial to us as a partner. EUROVAN ensures a high quality standard in planning, realizing and providing the services required also after the actual moving day throughout Europe.
GIM e.V.
The Gruppe Internationaler Möbelspediteure (GIM) is an association of well-known German removal companies that are specialized in the realization of international removals.
The FIDI Global Alliance is the centre of a network of international movers, namely the largest in the world of its kind which relies on standardized quality features in all of its members. Every member company is individually tested by Ernst & Young to ensure that the unique quality criteria set by FIDI are observed.
Thanks to our FIDI membership we can resort to our professional agents in every part of the world and thus guarantee smooth processes for your removals.
rp:relocation plus
rp:relocation plus is our cooperation partner for relocation services which are provided by our international relocation partners all over the world.
Based on the service package desired by the individual customer the respective relocation services are provided at the new place of residence. We also offer a "Good-Bye-service" package at your former place of residence.