Principles & Guidelines -
what Küchler stands for

Social manners / equal opportunities / mutual respect
It is expected from all of our employees that they respect the dignity, privacy and personality rights of every single one in their work space. [...] All employees of Küchler commit to treat all potential and existing employees fair and equal and to apply the principles of equal rights also during advanced training and continuing education. [...] A part of the Küchlers company policy is to guarantee that the behavior of the employees is totally free of discrimination against others on the basis of gender, race affiliation, age, origin, religion, impediment, sexual orientation, civil state or of other relevant signs. These principles are valid for all aspects of the terms of employment like setting, working allocation, transportation, reimbursement, job discipline and notice of termination. [...] Even if there is the slightest chance that employees have been discriminated or been bothered, this failure should be announced to his / her superior immediately.
Advantage granting / assignment of presents / bribery
In dealing with business partners and competitors as well as government employees benefits may only be accepted or granted if already the bare impression of a deliberate or actual influencing is excluded from the decision-making processes. [...] In cases of doubt the employee has to discuss the acceptance or granting of a benefit in advance with the superior. The demanding of benefits is unacceptable in every case. [...] Even if presents from the most sincere motives of a personal or professional friendship are exchanged, they can be misunderstood and lead to an unacceptable influencing. [...] We tolerate neither bribery nor any other form of corrupt commercial behavior. Who acts for Küchler may offer or grant unfair advantages neither directly nor indirectly neither to individuals nor to enterprises which could affect business transactions. [...]
As part of our FAIM-certification we also commited in written form to obey the above at any time as stated in the FIDI's Anti-Bribery Charter.
Data Privacy / Confidentiality of information
Confidential business information or internal secrets (e. g. finance data, business strategies, customer data) may be revealed towards unauthorized thirds neither during nor after ending of the employment. [...] All employees are bound to comply with the data protection regulations and to contribute in particular to the fact that personal data is protected against unauthorized accesses. Cases of doubt and violation are to be appealed to the responsible superiors. The employees are bound to discretion on all internal confidential matters of Küchler as well as to all confidential information about customer / business partners. Personal data may only be processed or used under the federal data protection act, other legal regulations or other existing company arrangements.
Conflicts of Interests / Anti-Trust Guidelines
Küchler emphasizes highly its employees do not get in conflicts of interests or loyalty conflicts because of their official activity. Every employee is obliged to inform of a possible conflict between official and private interests immediately to his / her superior. [...] Nobody should get in situations where a conflict between his / her personal interests or family matter interfere with the interests of Küchler. [...] In case of a closed invitation to a tender or a public tender, it is prohibited to contact a competitor, directly or indirectly, formally or informally, to the intention of an agreement or to arrange a secret cartel agreement. [...] The entire internal and external communication regarding the tender competition is to be formulated in such a way that outsiders (third parties as well as official authorities) could not be misinterpreted it as an intention for cartel formation.
As part of our FAIM-certification we also commited in written form to obey the above at any time as stated in the FIDI's Anti-Trust Charter.
Law-abiding behavior
Every employee has to follow the legal regulations which matter to his / her activity. [...] Küchler will arrange all the necessary support besides providing suitable trainings and / or information on the matter.
Choice of suppliers
The choice of suppliers is made carefully in a procedure according to objective and understandable criteria. [...] No employee may give private orders to a supplier with whom he / she deals within his / her official duties or at least not without the approval of his / her superior. A minimum Standard is required at all time.
Corporate Sustainability
The protection of person and environment has highest priority at Küchler as every employee is responsible for the wellbeing of one another and the environment he / she is working in. All laws, regulations and guidelines to the environment protection and operational safety have to be followed. Every superior has to instruct, support and supervise his / her employees in this matter. [...] We take all reasonable and implementable steps to guarantee safe, healthy and clean work surroundings. Employees of Küchler are asked to find areas in which improvements are possible so work surroundings can be continuously updated for the better.