KUECHLER is your specialist for furniture moving in Duesseldorf for over 100 years. Here is a summary of our significant dates since 1904 ...

4th of December 1904 Franz J. Kuechler established in Duesseldorf by Franz Josef Kuechler.
1936 First owned premises in Duesseldorf purchased Himmelgeister Straße 100.
1937 First mineral-oil transport with own tank trucks,a part of the Kuechler business for over 60 years.
1st of January 1944 Franz Josef Kuechler and his son Franz Kuechler jr. establish as shareholders the Franz J. Kuechler OHG.
since 1954 Member of FIDI – a global network of quality certified international moving companies.
23rd of January 1967 Gerda Arnold-Kuechler, sister of Franz Kuechler jr. and his daughter Inge Grass-Kuechler join the company as shareholders.
1967/1968 Opening of the location Dormagen-Nievenheim under the management of Martin Leypold, who successfully influenced the company for more than 40 years.
22nd of January 1980 Franz Kuechler jr., Inge Grass-Kuechler and Josef Grass establish as shareholders KUECHLER Transporte GmbH.
since 1982 Shareholder of confern Moebeltransportbetriebe GmbH.
1996 Claudia Rotermundt n’e Grass becomes managing-director and shareholder of KUECHLER Transporte.
since 1997 Expansion of the business in archive and record storage.
1998 Certification of the DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 (former DIN ISO 9002) quality-management of KUECHLER Transporte GmbH.
2003 Gabriele Rose n'e Grass joins as a further shareholder of KUECHLER Transporte GmbH.
2003 FAIM-certification for quality-management for international relocation.
2004 Thomas Beier becomes a further managing-director and shareholder of KUECHLER Transporte GmbH.
2006 Well-earned retirement for Managing Director Inge Grass-Kuechler
since 2006 Partner of relocation:plus
2011 Certification for Environmental Management after ISO 14001
2014 FAIMplus-certification - highest quality standard for Management of international removals
2016 Thomas Beier becomes solo managing-director and shareholder of KUECHLER Transporte GmbH, Claudia Rotermundt withdraws from the company.